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Spanish Immersion

Immerse in the Spanish
Language and Culture

Learn Spanish at the SLC,
the only accredited DELE examination center
by Instituto Cervantes in Abu Dhabi

The SLC is founded by the Spanish School of Abu Dhabi. Benefit from the expertise of our native teachers and the reputation and state of the art facilities of the only Spanish School of Abu Dhabi.

Open to all ages and conceived for diverse needs, at the SLC you will find a wide range of Spanish courses for kids, teens and adults, from DELE preparation to extensive and intensive programs or learning by playing options.

Native Spanish speaking students can also benefit from dedicated courses and workshops.

Private tutoring and specific courses for companies and educational institutions are included in our portfolio too.

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Spanish learning options for all

Spanish is not your mother tongue, but you can make it yours. From kids to adults, from completely beginners to advanced levels, you will find the ideal program, for you and for any member of your family, to learn and improve the Cervantes’ language, officialy spoken in 21 countries in the world.

Learn at your own pace, we offer intensive, semi-intensive and extensive courses, from 20 to 60 hours or even programmes that cover the entire school calendar, so that you can integrate the learning of Spanish into your personal and work schedule.

At the SLC you will have your Spanish family. Learning goes far beyond meeting knowledge objectives, it is also about feeling and connecting with a culture. At the SLC you will experience a truly Spanish environment and enjoy learning.

Ready to embrace your Spanish family and open up to the world?

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Learning programs for Spanish speakers

Do your children speak Spanish at home and you want them to improve this skill? It is common to make mistakes in oral and written expression if Spanish is not the main language used at school or in the daily life. This can be addressed with the right methodology and learning environment.

At the SLC you will find your Spanish family too, with a wide range of specifically dedicated courses, workshops and activities for “native kids”.

Let your children take advantage of the abilities they already have! Let´s talk about their needs.

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