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Why to choose the Spanish Language Center?

Because our courses for adults are designed to help learners to build the skills and confidence needed to speak Spanish. All our teachers are highly qualified native speakers to ensure a professional, enjoyable and enriching learning environment.

Because The Spanish Language Center, is the only accredited DELE examination centre by The Cervantes Institute in Abu Dhabi.

Because learning Spanish can open up new opportunities and experiences, so don’t miss out the chance to expand your horizons. Sign up for our class today and start your journey to becoming fluent in Spanish.



Complete Beginners Course

This course is suitable for adults who don’t have any knowledge of the language and that are interested in learning Spanish with a solid foundation. The learning will be focused in everyday interactions, and will provide the participant with the tools to communicate with Spanish speakers all around the world.

This is the perfect course to start your journey into becoming a proficient Spanish speaker.

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General Course Adults

This course is designed for adults with some knowledge of the language that are looking to improve in a more dynamic way.

Following modern teaching techniques, it targets three main goals:

  • To improve the learner’s vocabulary.

  • To ensure that the participant can complete everyday tasks, like shopping, going to a restaurant or making a reservation.

  • To ensure the learner’s autonomy.

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Conversational Skills Course

This course offers a stress free environment to practice and improve adult’s speaking and listening skills. It doesn’t matter how proficient the learner is, having a real conversation with a Spanish speaker, who is also qualified to offer professional guidance, will for sure improve the participants language abilities.

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Intensive Program

In this 24 hour intensive Spanish course, we will cover a lot of ground!

Basic grammar and vocabulary, including verb conjugations, noun gender, and sentence structure.

Everyday vocabulary that can be used in common situations such as greetings, ordering food, asking directions, shopping and more.

Conversation skills, such as asking and answering questions, and expressing opinions.

Complementary Spanish language resources, such as films, music, podcasts and more.

In addition, all courses will give the learners
valuable tools in preparation for the DELE exam.