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Our Mission

Founded on the basis of strong cultural relations between Spain and the UAE, the Spanish School of Abu Dhabi is committed to providing quality education based on the Spanish curriculum. We believe a successful student is a happy child, and spanish classes for kids are committed to providing a safe, positive, engaging and stimulating learning environment that prepares students to become life-long learners and global citizens.

“We believe a successful student is a happy child.”

Our academic program is based on the Spanish national curriculum with an emphasis on languages. It is a world recognized educational program that follows a core of classes including languages, social science, natural science, math, arts, and music.

Spanish immersion program is more than a subject: It is our language of instruction. Very quickly new students grasp the nuances of moving between languages, regardless their mother tongue.
SSAD is a truly multicultural and diverse community, one in which students no matter their backgrounds can find their place. Classrooms are full of lively discussions and students will be able to understand the world from many different perspectives.

SSAD nurtures the social and emotional learning of students across our challenging curriculum.

Our school also fosters personal growth, leadership and teamwork through expanded co-curricular activities.