Please find below some frequently asked questions and useful information. If you do not find here the answer to your question, please feel free to contact the admissions office.

The Spanish School of Abu Dhabi is providing quality education based on Spanish Curriculum. The Spanish Curriculum focuses on mastering speaking, comprehension, reading and writing in the target language.

Early Years: ages three to five years old.

Primary Years: ages six to eleven years old.

School days in the United Arab Emirates run from Sunday to Thursday.

Our school day timings are as follows:

Early Years: from 8:00am to 1:00pm (optional: after-school until 3 p.m.)
Primary Years: from 8:00am to 3:00pm (optional: after-school until 4 p.m.)

SSAD offers interesting range of extra-curricular activities that spark interest and inquiry to develop existing interests and explore new ones. Included in these activities are: Arts & Crafts, Performing Arts, Music, Sports, Technology, and more!

A wide-range of educational visits and excursions are also offered designed to be exciting, fun, challenging, inspiring, and motivating.

Spanish is the language of instruction and the medium for the delivery of the SSAD curriculum. Other languages may be used for various purposes in the classroom and during instructional activities. However it must be remembered that gaining proficiency in Spanish is a priority, one that allows students to perform to the best of their ability in accessing the SSAD curriculum.

Non-Spanish speaking students can enter directly into the Spanish immersion program for the needed linguistic support.

Homeroom teachers come from Spain. 

Our school also welcome teachers from UAE (Arabic studies) and staff members from France, Jordania, Venezuela and Cuba.

SSAD does not offer school transport.

Parents will be able to order uniforms online or at the School Office.

Two options:

-SSAD cafeteria

-Students bring a lunch box 


  • Tuition fees: 35,500 AED / academic year
  • Textbooks: 1,000 AED / academic year
  • Lunch program: To be communicated


  • Tuition fees: 37,500 AED / academic year
  • Textbooks: 1,500 AED / academic year
  • Lunch program: To be communicated