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Early Years Program

The Spanish educational system is renowned for its program in early childhood education. In a nurturing and warm environment, children begin to learn and socialize while acquiring the skills needed for future academic success.

Our Early Years curriculum, implementing the curriculum of the Spanish Ministry of Education, provides experiences that are enjoyable as the home environment. Most of the activities are experiential and with maximum provisions for the development of creative and critical thinking, as well as self-expression. The beginning skills for reading and writing, and numbers concepts are best taught using the combined traditional and thematic approaches wherein the different areas of learning are integrated.

The English language program is blended in the weekly schedule at all levels.
Non-Spanish speaking children can enter directly into our Preschool immersion program.

Academic excellence is the foremost objective of the Early Years Program. It aims to create a fun-filled learning environment favorable to the formative years of our children. Using the integrated approach in teaching, each subject area interrelates with one another using thematic units.